improving your results

Things to consider as you plan how to get from “here” to “there”.

Before you attempt any business transformation, there are certain key things you will want to evaluate up front. Your success will depend on have the right people, processes and tools to drive the charge forward, while avoiding the pitfalls, trapdoors and resistance to change. The rules below will help you consider the possibilities!

  1. Know if you’re an Aspirin or a Vitamin.
  2. What you Knew on the Very First Day is What you Need to Know Now.
  3. Weigh the Opportunity Cost.
  4. Do the Math – Follow the Money.
  5. Find your Allies.
  6. Build a Measuring Stick.
  7. Locate the Elephants.
  8. Understand the Art, Science and Use of Duct Tape.
  9. Change Does Not Occur in a Vacuum.
  10. Communicate and Celebrate the Victories – even the small ones.

+ The Super Top Secret extra rule you always need to know from the beginning!


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