What’s Jeanne Goldie up to now? And why should I read this blog?

Jeanne_GoldieI’m a “Start it Up” or “Turn it Around” plug-in strategist for businesses. The person hired when a business wants to fix something that’s broken or create something entirely new. For the past twelve years I’ve worked in the Financial Services industry leading organizational strategy after doing similar work in the government and non-profit sector (NGO’s).   I’ve worked on projects as varied as redesigning public housing, historic preservation, tech start-up companies, insurance sales, opening an African American research library, and had a really wild stint as a wedding planner. (Yes, there is video).  Did I mention I was once an accountant as well? (No video of that – sorry).

All the opinions in this blog are my own, and do not in any way reflect on my current employer. As a matter of fact, I will only be sharing one story from my current position, involving the desert, teambuilding and SPF 70.  You’ll know it when you find it. Otherwise they’re off limits.

Unfunded mandates, budget shortfalls, regulatory adventures, zero authority but total responsibility for results, I’ve lived them all and learned a few good lessons along the way.   I’ll share those here, and hopefully you’ll get some answers, not to mention a few laughs.  If you run a corporate department, a struggling non-profit, a family-owned business, a government agency whose policy direction changes with every election cycle or maybe you just got tasked with creating the strategic plan for your boss, this site is for you.  It doesn’t matter if you’re formally named the “Change Agent” or if you got the title by default.

What to expect?

Information on real-life turnaround strategies that work, leading employees and organizations through change, fixing what’s broken, changing how the world sees you and your team.  We’ll learn from experts on how they managed change in our Five for Friday interviews. There will be Style Points, because they matter.  For those irreverent moments, watch this space to learn more about the “Teambuilding Exercises from Hell” Haiku contest and our salute to “Mission Statements of Extraordinary Vagueness.”

I plan to cover real organizational change, not activities that just sound great on paper.  Real change is messy, and doesn’t always proceed in a straight line or submit to easy solutions.  Your voice counts, so please share your experience and your comments. Share your disasters too; I’ll share a few of mine.  As the line goes, “you can’t create an omelet without breaking a few eggs” — although I prefer to see us as creating soufflés.

Hang onto your seats; it will be quite a ride. (And grab some snacks; they tend to make everything go down better!)

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