Do you have a bonus, a promotion or even your career riding on your ability to make a group of people change? Or do something they don’t want to do?


What will this site do for you?

  • You will be absolutely clear on what to do, what not to do and what to delegate when you are trying to execute on a goal.
  • Give you the skills to clearly articulate the need for change and the best way to execute it in your setting.
  • Help you prioritize activities and skill sets needed to complete the job.
  • Teach you how to enlist resources to aid you in your role.
  • Navigate the shark filled waters with minimal damage.
  • Work around roadblocks and setbacks.
  • Create measurable results that speak for themselves.
  • Provide experts who can advise you from their past experiences with Laser Coaching.
  • Occasionally give you a reason to laugh on days things don’t go so well! Start here.

Just who should read this blog?

Heading up the turnaround of a business unit? Just became the director or manager of a small non-profit or family business whose charismatic founder may have left a few holes in the business plan?  Self-appointed change agent for your division at work? Fresh out of b-school consultant who’s noticed the b-school casework doesn’t always translate to the group in front of you?  Maybe you’re starting a new non-profit (NGO) or revamping a government agency that’s been ordered to make changes on the double and with no funds. Work in a government funded project or agency and “your” team just lost an election?

Or are you just having a sinking feeling that something is not quite right and you want some tools to put a finger on it?

This is a blog for the truly adventurous. For leaders who can look at a problem and see the opportunity, but are willing to stare the problem clean in the face first without prevarication or sugarcoating. For those who study change, how it does or doesn’t work, and never stop trying to make things better.  It’s for those who want to go beyond the surface activities of change, and truly dig in and make things happen.  And sometimes it’s science, and sometimes it’s art, or gut or life wisdom that drives change…and we’ll look at it all.


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